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Usha is a leading company manufacturing a wide range of electric fans for domestic and industrial purposes. Usha fans are popular all over India and are the first and unanimous choice among consumers planning to buy electric fans. Usha fans are available in various sizes and models. Usha fans price is much more affordable compared to other brands of electric fans. Ours is a trusted brand and we ensure that Usha fans price make our range of electric fans more affordable than other products.
Usha fan dealers in Chennai
For those who are interested in purchase of usha electric fans, you can contact our showroom in Chennai directly. For those who are unable to visit our showroom, we would like to inform that our Usha fan dealers are located in various parts of Chennai city. You can contact any of the Usha fan dealers in Chennai for information and purchase of usha electric fans.
Usha fans Chennai, India
Usha is a leading company involved in manufacture and sale of various electrical products. It is popular the world over because of its world class products and services. Usha is also the leading manufacturer of electric fans all over the country. Usha fans Chennai, India have multiple dealers and showrooms across Chennai city.
Usha fans Chennai, India are offering an attractive range of affordable electric fans for those residing in and around Chennai. For more details please contact our show rooms or dealers of usha fans located in various places in Chennai.
Usha fan models
Usha is one of leading manufacturers of electric fans in India. Usha electric fans are available in various models and well-suited for domestic and industrial purposes. The fans have been designed to meet all kinds of requirements. Usha fan models are available in variety of colors and designs and are available at affordable prices. Our showroom is dealing with the sale and distribution of usha fans in Chennai. There are various usha fan models available with us.

Our range includes Ceiling fans: Our ceiling fans are attractive, colorful and are highly energy efficient. The blades are long and shaped according to room requirements.
Table fans : Our table fans are small, lightweight and portable and can be used at home or in office. They are available in different colors at a low price.
Wall mounting fans : For those who would like to have an electric fan installed in kitchen or in offices we are offering a wide range of wall mounted fans with a variety of designs and colors.
Exhaust fans : Our exhaust fans provide instant relief from polluted air and smoke by providing fresh air circulation in kitchen and bathrooms and also in various factories.
Pedestal fans : We also have a wide range of pedestal fans for better air circulation especially in large and crowded rooms.
We also have a stunning display of new arrivals suited for modern houses. For more details you can view the digital brochure available at our website.
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