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As there is a proliferating enhancement in the evolution of technology, people can live in a comfy way with the exploitation of man invented technologies. One such attractive and well efficient equipment is heater with which people can utilize it whenever they are in need of hot water bath. During the cold and winter season, our heaters are in great demand, as people cannot survive without the installation of our Raju fan house showroom v-guard water heater at their residential places.
The amazing feature here is, we bestow heaters at highly affordable rate that gratifies the patron immensely. All sorts of diversified ranges of heaters with trendy models are available in our show rooms. The exclusive feature here is we endow v-guard electric water heater with greater discounts in an unbelievable rates. Grab these offers as it is fixed for only shorter period of time. The innovative technologies are implemented in these geysers that are of various models that includes sprinhot storage heaters, steamer, gas water heater, steamer plus, Krystal plus, and also instant sprinhot geysers. These heaters are made up of a pentavalent protective system with elegant designs. The colors of the geysers are exclusively mild that coincides with the wall colors in bathroom or any other places.
Since all the geysers with us at Raju fan house showroom, comes along with the installation of energy saving technology, large amount of powers are saved that can be seen in the month end after the arrival of current bill. As the outer covers of our V-Guard geysers are made from corrosion free and rust proof ABS materials there are no chance of the geysers to be getting eroded if it is operated with salt water also. The entire v-guard water heater has the capability of withstanding high pressures for about 3.5 kg/cm and also more.
Due to the implementation of automatic temperature regulation with the device named thermostat at v-guard electric water heater, the heating equipments are factually safe. The entire inner tank is made up of 304 graded stainless steels. We also have international technology v-guard solar water heater that has high quality components and it is also coined to be the life time investments. They also save a huge amount of electricity and also the fuel. Our v-guard solar water heater is made from superior tube quality with first grade technical materials that are a main reason for annual savings. We also have all ranges of solar heaters that have flat plate solar technology as well as evacuated tube technologies. These solar heaters are implausibly creative that are one of the most efficient use of technologies and concerns the planet to the core with reduction in the use of energy. Apart from these services we distribute to places nooks and corners around the city with the single buzz of the call.
We also have a separate v-guard water heater price list for regular reference for the customers. Patrons also feel flamboyantly comfy with the services bestowed by us at the ease that quenches their thirst for the search of heaters to the crest. Our v-guard water heater price list is literally cheap when contrasted to the other distributors throughout the city.
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